Labyrinth’s soul food kitchen is inspired by a melting pot of food cultures from America, Caribbean and WEST Africa. These different afro-kitchens often use similar ingredients but are prepared differently.

Soul food reflects at the center the value of sharing and community building.  Labyrinth likes to create a place where you share food, socialize and celebrate with family, friends and neighbours

OUR Kitchen is open FROM 16:00 hours for dinner, Snacks and bites. For group Reservations we can open the kitchen at an earlier timeslot.  

Messy Nacho's Labyrinth Amsterdam
Cocos shrimps Labyrinth Amsterdam
Cocos Shrimps Labyrinth Amsterdam
Food for the body is not enough.
there must be food for the soul
— Dorothy day
Zeebaars Labyrinth Amsterdam
Cocktail Bites Labyrinth Amsterdam